Previous Releases, Dead Torrents

Howdy folks,

Seeing as I’ve been getting the odd e-mail about getting prior releases and/or dead torrents. I’m posting this to remind folks that if the torrent has no more seeders, you can find our releases hosted on the bots in our IRC channel! The archival bot(s) go by the name of ‘cerebrate’ and ‘[Precure]AllStars’ (sans quotes). I will not seed or re-upload missing episodes as they can be found there.

[Read more for a quick primer on IRC usage]

Weedy tracker down

It seems that our tracker, hosted by Weedy, has been down for a week or more. We hope it’ll be back online soon. In the meantime, try searching for torrents on TokyoTosho(.info) and the usual Nyaa clone websites. Batch torrents are still up on the (now-private) BakaBT.
Edit 2018-01-05: Weedy reports that this was due to hardware malfunction. Tracker’s back up as of today.

Future plans

So I am both scared and excited to start my pediatric residency tomorrow. What does that mean? Well, I won’t have the time or the energy to pick up any new shows. Thankfully 12-sai granted me a reprieve until October (episode 12 is translated, just waiting for Maceart to time and QC). Since I will be working 80 hour weeks releases will slow down quite a bit. We will continue doing Doremi re-releases as well as continuing old shows that have seemingly been abandoned (Kindaichi, Keroro, Doraemon movies). We will also be doing Miku concerts as they come out.

Thank you for your continued support as Doremi-fansubs approaches its 11th birthday.

Maho Girls Precure! Dropped

Doremi-fansubs will drop Maho Girls Precure! since our good friends over at Imagination Station is also subbing it. They are helmed by a very capable translator, MilkyDreamer who helped us on 30+ episodes of Yes! Precure 5 GoGo and 3 All Stars movies. We are fully confident they will finish this season’s Precure in a quick and efficient manner.

Head on over to for new episodes of Maho Girls Precure! as they come out.

In the meantime, look forward to other shows from Doremi-fansubs, such as Keroro Gunsou, Doraemon Movies, Kindaichi Case Files, and Hatsune Miku concerts! And also, don’t forget about our re-release of Ojamajo Doremi seasons 1-4 + OAV in softsubbed format!

Doremi-fansubs is 10 years old!

Wow, we made it to a decade!
Plans for the future include more Precure, more random OAVs, and more Miku! Also (hopefully) more Doraemon, more Keroro, and more Kindaichi! Of course, we’ll also be churning out more Ojamajo v2s.
I’m in the process of applying for pediatric residency programs and the process is quite daunting. Wish me luck and here’s to 5 more years and beyond!

Many groups have risen and fallen over the last decade. Take a moment and press F to pay respects.
UTW… GG… Froth-bite… Ayako… Static-subs… Animeyuki… Onigiri… Dattebayo… Coalguys… Huzzah… Umai… Kazenokoe… Toki… Mazui… Shinsen… Anime-Empire… Anime-Destiny… The Triad… Eclipse… Arienai… m.3.3.w… Shining Fansubs… Hongfire… BSS… Whynot… Nutbladder… Sailorspork… Lunaranime… AnimeONE… ANBU… Underwater…

Maceart edit – Got through high school, college, grad school, and now I’m modeling traffic patterns around the SF Bay Area. Cheers to another 5 years.

Doremi-fansubs is now 9 years old!

Wow, how time flies. We’re 9 years old! Here’s what we have in store for the future:

More Precure!
Re-release of Doremi in softsub MKV format!
More Kindaichi!
More Keroro!
More Doraemon!
Here’s a toast to 10 years and beyond, and thanks for your continuing support.

mike_art03a Edit: That means you guys have to put up with me longer! Muahahahaha! Seriously though, it’s been a blast. I’m hoping we can keep this thing going!