Summer 2017 Anime Power Rankings

Yet another season of anime…

1) Sakura Quest S2 – Wow, they’re really going on a quest now…
2) New Game S2 – Needs more NENE-CHI’s awesome C++ programming.
3) Tsuduzure Children – Confessions. Confessions everywhere.
4) Ballroom e Yokoso – Haikyuu with ballroom dancing. Get hype!
5) Action Heroine Cheer Fruits – the CGDCT of this season. Very relaxing.
6) Made in Abyss – Getting traces of Strange Dawn and Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE here. Quite dark.
7) Tenshi no 3P! – The loli show of this season. Same makers as Ryo Kyu Bu, so of course I’m watching this.
8) Gamers! – The main character is pure casual.
9) Centaur no Nayami – Extremely interesting premise.

Winter 2017 Anime Power Rankings

Here are a couple shows that are worth taking a look this season…

1) Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Amazing dialogue, interesting characters, great animation. Interesting setting along with a bad-ass teacher.
2) Little Witch Academia – Trigger saving anime, once again.
3) Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Same writer as Danna Wakaranai, has poignant and heartwarming moments coupled with awesome animation courtesy of Kyoto Animation. Also, cute lolis.
4) Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu – Basically K-ON with bicycles. Quite relaxing.
5) Konosuba S2 – DEEN continues its QUALITY comedy.
6) Seiren – Same makers as Amagami and Kimikiss. Of course it’s good.