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Howdy folks,

Seeing as I’ve been getting the odd e-mail about getting prior releases and/or dead torrents. I’m posting this to remind folks that if the torrent has no more seeders, you can find our releases hosted on the bots in our IRC channel! The archival bot(s) go by the name of ‘cerebrate’ and ‘[Precure]AllStars’ (sans quotes). I will not seed or re-upload missing episodes as they can be found there.

[Read more for a quick primer on IRC usage]

Here’s the short version of how to get to our IRC channel and get stuff.

NOTE: I will not provide user/technical support to anyone. This guide is meant as a quick primer and not detailed instructions. If you are unsure of how to do things, consult the documentation of the software you are using.

  1. In order to connect to our IRC channel, you must use an IRC Client to connect to the proper server. Popular clients include mIRC, Ice Chat, X-Chat, etc. Find the client that meets your needs. Set it up according to publisher’s instructions.
  2. Connect to the following IRC Network: Rizon (or on port #: 6667 // or use the following command: ‘/server -m’. IMPORTANT: Please remember to set a nickname (or nick) prior to connecting as Rizon will assign a random guest***** name to you if you don’t. The bots may/will not respond to guest nicks and/or you may be automatically banned due to prior abuse/spam from people using guest nicks in the past.
  3. Join our channel: #doremi – Most clients will accept: ‘/join #doremi’ as a valid command.
  4. To see which bot has the file you require, use the following in the chat: @find seriesname episodenumber (example: @find Doremi Sharp 37). If they have the file, they should respond via direct message or DCC stating they have the file and should give you a command to copy/paste into your client to have the bot send you the file.
  5. Copy/paste the command the bot gave you and it should send you your file in a minute or so. The bot may not send a file right away if it’s send queue is full, it will notify you should that happen.

That’s it! This guide should cover 90+% of your needs, if you’re still unsure, just pop into our IRC channel and ask around, someone’s bound to help. Otherwise, please refer to the documentation of your IRC client of choice. I will not be responding to requests of help by e-mail, comments, etc.


JimShew · April 11, 2019 at 6:16 AM

Mike, while Cerebrate does have 99% of our non-precure releases, it does not have several of our ancient series. (Since Lad and Mace founded our group in 2005, our releases are already into multiple Terabytes. This represents more storage than most bots have available)

Some of the ancient series that Cerebrate lacks were located on a couple of now long-deceased bots “[Doremi]Inuyasha_lives” and “Blizgergbot”. While I do have several of those ancient files archived, my current ISP only allows me 65GB / month in traffic. That data cap severely restricts the amount I can currently help with the seeding of those files.

(edit: grammar correction – missing “are”)

    mike_art03a · April 11, 2019 at 6:53 PM

    Heya Jim,

    While I don’t expect everything to be found in our channel, the bulk of our stuff can be found there nonetheless. Otherwise, some folks there might be willing to help a person out to find them. rctgamer3 has some stuff stored in cloud storage somewhere as well.

    Otherwise, not much else you or I can do. Google is your best friend and I’ve been able to find ancient stuff on some obscure torrent sites in the past.

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