Previous Releases, Dead Torrents

Howdy folks,

Seeing as I’ve been getting the odd e-mail about getting prior releases and/or dead torrents. I’m posting this to remind folks that if the torrent has no more seeders, you can find our releases hosted on the bots in our IRC channel! The archival bot(s) go by the name of ‘cerebrate’ and ‘[Precure]AllStars’ (sans quotes). I will not seed or re-upload missing episodes as they can be found there.

[Read more for a quick primer on IRC usage]

User Registration Disabled

Just an update. However, until further notice, user registration has been disabled. If you want to create an account, please send me an e-mail with a username you wish to use to michael[dot]artelle(a) You can thank spam bots for forcing me to do this.

Minor Update, GDPR…

Howdy folks, Mike again with some small updates… still waiting on Lad and Mace to start using the site to announce stuff… That aside, couple of things to note this posting: Status Indicator for episode progress on the right, this will be updated as we reach different phases of the Read more…

Site Updates, Changes

Howdy Folks, Mike here with some updates: Big thanks to rctgamer3 for porting over posts from the old site to our current one. Registrations are open again for users to comment, please note that you need to provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive a confirmation e-mail. There Read more…

Maho Girls Precure RSS Feed –>

Howdy folks! With the shocker that we dropped MGP… (Really Lad and Mace?) I’ve added the RSS feed for Another Imagination Station’s release annoucements from their site on the right hand side. So now you can keep track of the episodes without having to wade through a ton of other stuff!

– Mike  😎