Maho Girls Precure! Dropped

Published by Maceart on

Doremi-fansubs will drop Maho Girls Precure! since our good friends over at Imagination Station is also subbing it. They are helmed by a very capable translator, MilkyDreamer who helped us on 30+ episodes of Yes! Precure 5 GoGo and 3 All Stars movies. We are fully confident they will finish this season’s Precure in a quick and efficient manner.

Head on over to for new episodes of Maho Girls Precure! as they come out.

In the meantime, look forward to other shows from Doremi-fansubs, such as Keroro Gunsou, Doraemon Movies, Kindaichi Case Files, and Hatsune Miku concerts! And also, don’t forget about our re-release of Ojamajo Doremi seasons 1-4 + OAV in softsubbed format!

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