Edit: Holy cow! This is a new record, thanks folks. Server bill has been paid.
Howdy folks,

Think this is the first time I’ve done this… but it seems that I forgot to pay the server bill and it’s coming up on September 15th… XP

Problem is, yours truly is broke after having his basement flooded over the weekend and having to pay for it to be pumped out and my insurance company is dragging their feet about paying up. I don’t get paid until the 17th… so yeah. Suffice to say… no donations… no server. -.-;;

Sorry guys, I blew it this time around and I’m feeling like a total moron about it. Seeing as the cost is ~$70 Canadian.

Check below for copy of my invoice:

New Layout

Howdy folks!

Mike here with some news, you’ve probably noticed the new layout. Still needs a few tweaks here and there and I’ll get around to adding Onpu to the logo soon.

Let me know what you think!  :laugh:

Site Changes

Howdy folks,

Mike here. You may have noticed that site may be responding quicker now. I’ve had to change hosts because our old one was starting to have frequent ‘technical issues’ or rebooting the server we were on on a regular basis.

Anyway, I’m now running on a machine that’s located a bit closer to home for me too. So if there’s any major issues, I can get to the datacentre in person and deal with it locally. Also, a major bump in RAM helps too.

Server Woes

Howdy folks,

Mike again. Sorry for the site going AWOL for the last few days, but something seemed to have corrupted on the server and I had to re-upload everything. There might be a few hiccups here and there, but the main guts of the site are working again.

Sorry again! (and I didn’t break it this time!)

Edit: You’ll have to re-upload your avatars and whatever sigs you may have had.

Just a heads up folks!

Please remember that Thanksgiving is 11/28 in the United States of America. While we’ll try to keep up our releases, there’s no guarantee that we’ll release stuff either.

Lad and Mace have established a deadline to have some things released prior to the weekend, that’s also dependent on the availability of staff too. So please be patient with us. We’re getting there!

Edit by Lad: Corrected date.