Ojamajo Doremi # 30 v2


Seki-sensei gets a boyfriend. A really funny episode that also has aged-up Onpu. Too bad it uses my least favorite of the animation directors. The eyes always looked off to me.

Grab it in the IRC room with !sharp30

And yes, I promise this project is still on-going, it’s just been blindsided by the last 18 months of my life being really stupid

Ojamajo Doremi # 17 v2

Please note: Much like episode 13 (and 19), the HD remaster of episode 17 has been lost due to a recording error. I will need to check with our source, but only these three episodes should be affected. Again, a high quality DVD encode was used instead, but if the HD remaster surfaces before the batch release, we will use that raw instead. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Another Hana episode; More Hana-hax magic. Grab it with !sharp 17.

Meanwhile, at Doremi-Fansubs part 2…

Ojamajo Doremi # 15 v2

Instead of Precure this week, enjoy this tear jerker, Mother’s Day Ojamajo episode. This actually came out like 6 hours ago while I was asleep. Grab it with !sharp15

Fantastic episode all around. I really have nothing witty to say here, except how good this episode is.

Ojamajo Doremi # 14 v2

A really cute Pop/kindergarten episode. Get it with !sharp14

Jyunichi and Hachitaro have the same voice actor.

Update: 10/17/15: We’re dumb and don’t know Japanese until someone pointed it out to us. Jyunichi should be Junichi because romanization reasons. This will be corrected in the batch for this episode and then in subsequent episodes as well.