Ojamajo Doremi 09 v2

Something something magical girls and shenanigans also Dodo NOMNOMSTAEK

!od9 or pack number 13

Fairies are adorb. Obey the fairies.

Now my exhaustedness collapses into a nap. No screenshot idk blame rctgamer3 lol I’ll add one and a witty comment later for now zzzzz </professionalism>

Ojamajo Doremi 05 v2

Grab it with !od5 or via pack number 13 9!

Eff Kotake, Dela is where it’s at.

Edit by JimShew: Loli-chan’s pack numbers got changed last night shortly before Onpu-san changed the #Doremi topic message to wish Pop a belated (Sept 9th) "Happy Birthday".  Episode 5 is now located at pack number 9 instead of 13. The hotlink still works properly though.

Ojamajo Doremi 02 v2

Sorry for the delay, there was an issue with the distro bot that delayed release. Type !od2 in our main room to download. Fonts should be attached this time, but if anyone has any issues, please post in this thread or message me in the chatroom.

Isn’t it great? Episode 2 and we’re already using a body/role swap plot.

Ojamajo Doremi 01 v2

Well, that happened. Pack number is #8 on our distro bot, loli-chan. You can review the pack numbers (and see if there’s any new episodes you might have missed) by clicking here. Alternatively, you can simply type !od1 in our chatroom.

Current plan is to release 1 episode a day every other day. Please keep in mind that torrents will not be available until each season is fully released. Until that time, they will only be available via our IRC bot loli-chan, so I apologize for any inconvenience. You can check the packlist info here. Also, if your fonts don’t look like here and here, download these following fonts.  Subsequent releases will have the fonts attached to them, so you don’t have to do this step if you don’t want to. The missing fonts (and chapters) was a slight oversight and won’t affect future episodes.

Hadzuki really has a funny sounding voice early on, doesn’t she?

Update: Probably going to release 1 episode every other day, since I am concurrently working on Sharp as well.