Minor Update, GDPR…

Howdy folks, Mike again with some small updates… still waiting on Lad and Mace to start using the site to announce stuff… That aside, couple of things to note this posting: Status Indicator for episode progress on the right, this will be updated as we reach different phases of the process in releasing an episode. Thanks to rctgamer3 for digging up this old gem of a plugin. GDPR: Where do I start on this… while the site itself is hosted and operated out of Canada, the GDPR is not necessarily 100% applicable here, but that being said, Canada does have Read more…

Site Updates, Changes

Howdy Folks, Mike here with some updates: Big thanks to rctgamer3 for porting over posts from the old site to our current one. Registrations are open again for users to comment, please note that you need to provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive a confirmation e-mail. There are a few other things in the works, but it’s mostly just some housekeeping.

Memo for Spam Box users

Guess I’ll stick this here for maximum visibility: For Spam Box users that want to be able to keep up some of the stuff you guys were doing, drop a comment a here and I’ll be happy to figure out a way get things rolling for you guys. That was about the only section of the site that saw regular use. The comments component of WordPress supports most of the same basic functionality as the old forum software and it could be extended with some plugins as well. So what do you guys think? Register and leave a comment below. Read more…

Welcome to the new Doremi Fansubs

Howdy folks! Welcome to the new version of the Doremi Fansubs site. From here on out, we’ll be posting all our new releases and news here. The forums will no longer be a thing due to inactivity. I’m still working out a few things, so it might take a bit for the site to reach full functionality. Also, rctgamer3 is giving me a hand with porting over old pages from the forums as well as old release announcements.

Winter 2018 Anime Power Rankings

Shows I’m keeping up with:
1) Yuru Camp – Not enough Ena with her DOGE.
2) Sora yori mo Tooi Basho – Madhouse at it again, never thought a show about ANTARCTICA can be so good.
3) Violet Evergarden – Kyoani animating Saber from Fate Stay Night.
4) Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – Wit Studio with the fabulous art style.
5) Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card – I really should finish the first season.
6) Gakuen Babysitters – Pretty accurate depiction of 18-month old milestones.
7) Hakumei to Mikochi – Very nice slice of life about 9 cm tall people.
8) Dagashi Kashi S2 – Not as good as S1 but Hotaru still a riot.
9) Hugtto! Precure! – Junichi Sato is back in business. Pediatrician approved baby.

Weedy tracker down

It seems that our tracker, hosted by Weedy, has been down for a week or more. We hope it’ll be back online soon. In the meantime, try searching for torrents on TokyoTosho(.info) and the usual Nyaa clone websites. Batch torrents are still up on the (now-private) BakaBT.
Edit 2018-01-05: Weedy reports that this was due to hardware malfunction. Tracker’s back up as of today.