Previous Releases, Dead Torrents

Howdy folks,

Seeing as I’ve been getting the odd e-mail about getting prior releases and/or dead torrents. I’m posting this to remind folks that if the torrent has no more seeders, you can find our releases hosted on the bots in our IRC channel! The archival bot(s) go by the name of ‘cerebrate’ and ‘[Precure]AllStars’ (sans quotes). I will not seed or re-upload missing episodes as they can be found there.

[Read more for a quick primer on IRC usage]

Ojamajo Doremi Comedy Theater 01

After 20 years, more Ojamajo Doremi anime! This is the first episode of a biweekly series celebrating the 20th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Ojamajo Doremi (wow it’s been 20 years already?)

More information here:

Torrent link:

Fall 2018 Anime Power Rankings

Still alive, still watching anime. Anima Yell! – That Manga Time KiraKira Carat Magic is back. Sword Art Online: Alicization – Now with a more mature Gary Stu. SSSS Gridman – Trigger saves anime yet again. Boarding School Juilet – A fresh take on an old classic. Zombieland Saga – Idols and Zombies!