Hyakko ch42

Very nice chapter – continuation of school festival arc.


Now some not-so-good news – Hyakko is now in indefinite hiatus until further notice. We have no further information regarding whether the hiatus is due to the author’s health or at the publisher’s discretion.

Suite Precure Movie

DVD version for now, Blu-rays come out in a week or two.

Amazing movie. On par with the Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo and the Futari wa Precure Max Heart movies.

SD MKV -> https://nyaa.si/view/294655
SD AVI -> https://nyaa.si/view/294656

Smile Precure 05, Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan 14

And now the intro episodes of Smile are out of the way, what tricks can Toei pull out of their hat now?

HD MKV -> https://nyaa.si/view/293214
SD AVI -> https://nyaa.si/view/293215

This episode of Dokkaan features Hana’s magic exam level 7, which was very strange.

SD AVI -> https://nyaa.si/view/294007

Hatsune Miku Mikunopolis 2011

This is the Mikunopolis 2011 concert that was held during AX in Los Angeles. Features glorious SEGA models and lots of famous Hatsune Miku songs. Sadly, still not enough Luka.

Maceart/Ladholyman’s top 3 picks:

1) Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
2) World’s End Dancehall
3) Just be Friends


1080pMKV -> https://nyaa.si/view/277251
720pMKV -> https://nyaa.si/view/277249
SpecialMKV -> https://nyaa.si/view/277252

If you already have the raw, here’s the script file.

SCRIPT -> http://www.mediafire.com/?za1levpap020ea3