Fall 2015 Anime Power Rankings

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Worth a watch:

1) Young Black Jack – Finally something I can dig my teeth into. Move over House, move over Grey’s Anatomy. Black Jack is in the house!
2) Young Kindaichi Returns S2 – S1 was a bit ew… but they started off the second season with one of the best cases from the original series… And I’m sucked right back in.
3) Miss Monochrome S3 – Will Yui Horie finally hold her concert and have Kikuko BTFO?
4) Noragami Aragoto – Yato’s fail adventures continue!
5) One Punch Man – Madhouse at it again! Move over, Marvel! The best existential superhero show is here!
6) Haikyuu S2 – Volleyball boys are back! The banter level is off the charts…
7) Osomatsu-san – First episode what in the world…
8) Yuruyuri S3 – The Lazy Lilies are back!

NOT worth a watch:
1) JK Meshi – Such bad animation in 2015 should be banned.