Ro Kyu Bu! SS Undropped

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Asenshi’s translator disappeared on them, so I’ll be helping them out.
Here’s what went down:

[12:22] <Ladholyman> you guys dropping loli basketball?
[12:22] <&KurokoShirai> Not out of choice.
[12:22] <&KurokoShirai> We need a translator to continue
[12:23] <Ladholyman> want to joint with Doremi?
[12:23] <Ladholyman> i tl you guys do everything else
[12:23] <&KurokoShirai> I was abou to PM you, actually
[12:23] <&KurokoShirai> that was… strange
[12:23] <&KurokoShirai> ::P
[12:23] <&KurokoShirai> :P*
[12:23] <Ladholyman> ahhahaa
[12:24] <Ladholyman> i can get you script either tonight or tomorrow morning
[12:24] <&KurokoShirai> But yeah, that’d be cool
[12:24] <~furzi> well that’s cool
[12:24] <~furzi> also don’t worry
[12:24] <~furzi> speed is not a priority
[12:24] <Ladholyman> okay
[12:24] <~furzi> so you can take your time
[12:24] <&KurokoShirai> Yeah, considering the situation, we’ll jsut do it right for the grief it’s caused
[12:24] <Ladholyman> did the translator just bail
[12:25] <&KurokoShirai> Pretty much
[12:25] <~furzi> yup
[12:25] <~furzi> it was too stressful for him
[12:25] <~furzi> even though he said he was perfectly fine a week ago
[12:25] <Ladholyman> hahahahaa
[12:25] <Ladholyman> well
[12:25] <&KurokoShirai> it’s a shame, as he was a pretty cool guy
[12:25] <&KurokoShirai> but what can you do
[12:25] <~furzi> can’t be helped i guess
[12:25] <Ladholyman> ok then
[12:25] <&KurokoShirai> fansubbing has huge turnover rate
[12:25] <&KurokoShirai> ._.
[12:26] <Ladholyman> ok sounds good then
[12:26] <Ladholyman> i’ll stick around here
[12:26] <Ladholyman> and tell you when i have a .txt file ready
[12:26] <Ladholyman> that’s all you need right?
[12:27] <~furzi> pretty much

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