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Forum Rules
« on: September 12, 2010, 11:46:14 PM »
New updates will be highlighted in teal.

Last Updated: March 10, 2013 - Changed/Removed some staff members.

As a reminder: all forum posts and their content, including attachments, are governed by the usage agreement of this site. The administration has the right to remove, or not remove, what they deem necessary. Based on the rules of the site and when local law is applicable content may be modified or removed.

With this in mind please be aware of the following before posting a message:

This is a globally accessible web forum. Any and everyone can see your posts; this includes your employer. This site is indexed by Google so the content is even more freely available on a web search. So think before you post. Will your post violate an NDA or other signed agreement? Could you be providing content that may be considered private or proprietary? Please do not make the mistake of posting information that could render you unemployed or worse.

There are people from different countries which do not speak English as their primary language on these forums. Before replying to a post to criticize another's grammar or spelling, please keep this in mind. Think of how you would look attempting to compose a message in their language if you were not fluent in it.

Please respect the religion, race and/or nationality of a member on this site regardless of what you believe. No one is permitted to criticize another because of what they believe in or their physical appearance.  Continued hate speech will get you - quickly - removed from this site. We support free speech here but not when it demeans another member. This is a private forum; we determine your rights.

The forums are to have content viewable by all ages unless the forum explicitly states it is for adults only. Consider the language rules like the rules for prime time television (Clarification: Canadian prime time TV, people are actually allowed to swear [not excessively] on our TV shows). Please refrain from excessive cursing.

Everyone is to be seen an equal here. No member may criticize another because of their education or ignorance of a topic. You may not call someone stupid or dumb or any other word in an attempt to make them feel less for not having knowledge of a particular subject. No member may harass or threaten another member either.

No visitor or member of this site may send an offer, without permission, to another member in an attempt to offer services or a product for a fee. This is considered spamming. Only authorized representatives may offer their services and they will never offer them privately.

You are responsible for the activity of your account. If someone gains unapproved access to your account please notify us immediately.

In an effort to keep the forums operating smoothly and information easily accessible you are required to post in the correct forum. You may not under any condition, unless approved by a moderator, post the same thread to multiple forums; this is considered "cross-posting". Choose the most applicable forum and give it some time. If you do not receive a useful answer within a week post the question to another forum. If a moderator moves your thread, do not get angry. We've been here for a while and know where content goes so calm down.

All replies to a thread are to be on-topic or within reason. Please respect the "OP" (Original Post or Original Poster) as they govern what the thread is about. If they want to take their own thread off-topic, that is their choice, not yours (OP: this does not mean you can self-moderate your thread; report the post(s) instead). When in doubt, create your own thread.

Please do not ever post to a thread simply to say "bump" or something similar. Wait about a week then make a post with a little more substance. Did you try other things to help your problem? Say it in the reply. Please give others the chance to visit the forums - many who do not on a regular/daily basis - that could possibly assist you in your thread, or post.

Forum Content Censorship

The only content censored ASAP are posts that are considered highly objectionable, illegal, etc. No other content will be removed without question unless it violates the Terms of Service or other rules within this post. Please report the post or thread when this occurs so that the Administration is aware and can act appropriately.

Copy/Pasting Content From Other Websites

When taking content from another website, such as a news reporting website or another frequency resource, it is very important you do not take the complete article or body of text. This information is copyrighted by the owner and requires permission to be used by anyone else. Please provide a short snippet of text or summary from the article and then link to it.

If and when a problem occurs

Due to the size of this site we depend on the community to assist us by notifying us when a post violates the forum rules. There is a link in the lower right of all posts labelled 'Report to moderator.' It will immediately notify the staff who will act swiftly and appropriately. We take them seriously, so please provide enough serious information when reporting a post. Lack of information will result in a report being ignored or delayed action.


This forum invokes an infraction system. When a post is deemed a violation of the site's rules a message will be automatically generated with a note stating why and any further action that may occur. These infractions carry points. The more infractions, the more negative impact on your membership. You could lose posting privileges or be banned temporarily or permanently. These infractions will be received as private messages.

We use the infraction system to track offenses and keep the system formal. It is up to the discretion of the moderator handling the situation whether they decide to issue an infraction or contact you by other means. The standard is to issue an infraction.

The management structure is as follows:

Super Moderators: Maceart, Ladholyman, deekhaye, jmoller::::::wendy::

Forum Managers & Administrators: PsychicKid, JimShew, rctgamer3

Site Owner and Head Forum Administrator: mike_art03a

If you have a problem with a specific post or member and don't wish to use the reporting system, please contact one of the moderators starting from the top of this list. Jumping the chain of command may result in a delayed response.

Lastly, YOU as a community, make these forums, the staff and its rules do not. These rules are in place because not everyone can contribute to the forums in a positive manner. When everyone can work in a respectable and harmonious nature you will not see any action take place.

Please respect the moderation staff for the job they do. They volunteer their time; the stress of performing administrative action is not what they want. We do not choose moderators because of how well they police others. All staff, are held to a higher standard with regard to how they conduct themselves on the forums and are not above the rules.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Now for the rules

General Rules:
  • Please do not ask 'when will X episode/show will be out!?' It will be out when it's ready, harassing us will get you nowhere. If there is a delay, it will be noted on the main page. Warnings will be issued to offenders, repeat offenders may find themselves banned or their new posts being stuck in the moderation queue and will have to be approved by staff before they appear on the site.
  • Don't post links, media or similar containing pornographic material in all sections.
  • Don't post links, media or similar containing material that could be hurtful to others (eg. racism).
  • Don't post links or media that is copyrighted.
  • Use English in your posts.
  • Use good written English and don't use only emoticons, uppercase letters or curse words.
  • There are always exceptions on the forums be sure to read specific forum rules too!
  • No flaming/disruptive behavior please, if you disagree with something someone says, please keep it civil in discussing it publicly. Otherwise keep it in the PMs please. The rest of us don't want to be part of your drama. If someone is offending you via. PM, please report it to the mods using the report link and we'll deal with it.

Media Rules:
  • Don't post pictures that are bigger than 800 x 600 px if the picture are bigger then this use an image host that thumbnails the picture.
  • Avatar pictures should be around 100 x 100 px.
  • Avatars should not be offensive in anyway (pornographic or similar).
  • Don't post pictures that you don't have the right to post.
  • Signature images cannot be larger than 468 x 60 px (Max. 600 x 100 px), maximum 1 large image. If you prefer to use smaller ones, they cannot exceed more than 600 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall combined (even across multiple lines, take a look at my signature). Accepted image size combinations, based on standard web banner sizes, are as follows:
    1. Single 468x60 or 600x100 image.
    2. Two (2) 234x60 images.
    3. Two (2) 300x100 images.
    4. Four (4) 120x90 or 120x60 images.
    5. Or any combination of smaller images that do not exceed a total area of 600x100 pixels.
    Note: This includes forum badges for games, clans, etc. Members not respecting these guidelines could find their signatures edited by staff to remove over-sized images.
  • No one likes the dude who posts 4mb pictures! (Especially those of us who use mobile broadband connections! aka. The Admin when he's @ work)

Forum specific rules:
  • Introduction: Don't flame people.
  • Spam Dump: Spam away, but please keep it PG13 and no obvious advertising please.

If you're not sure about something, please do not hesitate to PM me or any of the staff.
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