Doremi-Fansubs Staff List

Here are the people that make Doremi-fansubs happen. (In alphabetical order)

For group related issues, projects and the like, contact us at Doremi.fansubs(at)

JimShew JimShew - DLQCT, Timer, Typesetter
Ladholyman Ladholyman - Co-founder, Translator, Timer, DLQCT
"Still here!"
Maceart Maceart - Co-founder, Timer, Translator, Encoder, DLQCT
"I herd you like Mudkips."

mike_art03a - Webmaster, Site Host, Staff FTP, DLQCT, Lead Forum Admin
"There's always something to fix..."
Mendinso Mendinso - DLQCT

PsychicKid - DLQCT, Onpu Fanboy

"Needs moar Onpu."


Puto - V2 Raw Provider & Encoder

rctgamer3 - DLQCT, Doremi-distro
Derpy best pony
Rika-chama Rika-chama - Doremi-distro, Staff FTP
"Sorry, there's nothing to ni-paa about here."

Weedy - Tracker, Doremi-distro

Agent Orange - DLQCT
"Let's rock!"
Alfarin - Doremi-distro, Encoder, Translator
"Deh? What's this for? Staff page or something?"
Aoiro - Translator
"What are you looking at?"
BBkidLy BBkidLy - DLQCT, Timer, Karaoke, Typesetter, Editor
"Welcome to Ly! Where everyday is someday!"
bd_ - Translator, DLQCT, Doremi-distro
Daedalus^ - Doremi-distro
"All your base are belong to us, and you belong to me."
Fighter747 - DLQCT, Timer, Translator
"You, sir, should have a sandwich."
Fireboy88 - DLQCT
GGLucas - DLQCT, Typesetter
"Hamburgers ?? WHERE !"
Joku - DLQCT, Encoder
"Confucius says, 'What goes up, must come down.'"

Justice - Doremi-distro
"Justice is born from the chaos, blood, and tears, which then becomes the destruction of Justice, and therein lies the beauty of life."
Klins - DLQCT, Typesetter
"When life throws a curve, it's only setting up for a fastball to the head."
Koreya - DLQCT, Timer

Kyuubil - DLQCT, Doremi-distro
"Loli. that is all."
Kuzichan - Translator
"Which type do you like? Wild type? Little boy type? Seducing type? Cool type?"
lucky644 - Doremi-distro
"She's not underage, She's just fun-sized!"

Master Chief - DLQCT
Meister_Luciel - Doremi-distro, Karaoke
"Meh this is too troublesome."
Neclos Neclos - Translator, Typesetter, Timer

ProtomanV89 - DLQCT
"Doing QC for doremi episode only, LOL"
Sabre - DLQCT, Hana Fanboy
"There are no stupid questions. Only dumb answers."
Smashing - Co-Webmaster, DLQCT, Timer, Overall Asshole
"Fuck you guys."
Starks Starks - Raw provider, Encoder, DLQCT
"If I can piss off enough people, I know at the very least I will have made my own day."

Willy_Sunny - RO Maniac, Karaoke, DLQCT, Translator
"I own the net. Now kneel!"
xat - Encoder, Karaoke, typesetter
Zazie_Rainyday / Zazie_Lavender Zazie_Rainyday (Zazie_Lavender) - Quality Checker
"Welcome to my Magical Stage"

Last Updated: 2017-10-08

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